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Excellent results of organoleptic analysis of extra virgin olive oil from the Colli Borbonici® 2023 campaign

In the article published in our blog entitled "The distinctive characters of extra virgin olive oil" (available at the link https://colliborbonici.com/blogs/notizie/i-caratteri-distintivi-dellolio-extra-vergine-di -oliva ) the importance and legal obligation of carrying out chemical analyzes on the extra virgin olive oil that is marketed was discussed.

The essential parameters to evaluate (but not the only ones) to obtain the extra virgin olive oil certification are the following:

  • acidity, less than 0.8%;
  • polyphenols, whose average value is around 250 mg/l;
  • number of peroxides, less than number 20;

It should be noted that for polyphenols there is no minimum number to be met but it is clear that the beneficial properties of extra virgin olive oil depend directly on the beneficial characteristics of this vegetable fat, an ally of our health in fighting toxins and free radicals .

The Colli Borbonici® brand is absolutely careful to respect the legislative processes in force and for reasons of transparency towards customers we are pleased to publicly show the results of the chemical analyzes conducted on a sample of the production batch of extra virgin olive oil from the 2023 campaign .

chemical analysis 2023 extra virgin olive oil

Specifically, thanks to the harvesting and milling within 24 hours and the cold extraction, we managed to obtain excellent results:

  • 0.4% acidity ;
  • 380 mg/l of polyphenols ;
  • number 3 of peroxides .

Without going into detail about the other equally important parameters which have also obtained excellent results (Delta K, K232, K274, K270, K266) which testify to the low level of oxidation of the product, the high quality of the extra virgin olive oil is objectively evident olive produced by the Colli Borbonici® brand .

We are therefore happy to present high quality products to our customers without any downward compromise.

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